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Google Shopping High Number of Clicks with Few Conversions, Use Negative Keywords

Google Shopping Campaigns don’t use keywords like your typical search & display ads. They do however have negative keywords which are a great asset for you while trying to increasing the efficiency of your ads. If a product has a high number of clicks but limited conversions, you might find that irrelevant search terms are leading traffic to your site.  Save your campaign budget with negative keywords to prevent clicks from customers who are looking for something else.

Tips on using negative keywords with Google shopping campaigns:

  • Create a generic negative keyword list. This should include terms that people may end up on your product page for but are not looking to buy. Certain keywords indicate the individual is looking something else than buy your product such as: claim, complaint, free, manual, parts, service, warranty etc…
  • Find specific search terms that your products are commonly mistaken for. Users will enter some weird things when they are looking for things. Fortunately, you can see exactly what queries have triggered your ads in ad-words and their performance.
  • There are 3 formats for negative keywords: exact match ([negative keyword] – Will only exclude search terms that include your negative keyword EXACTLY as you have written it), phrase match (“negative keyword” – Will prevent your products from showing for any search query containing the negative keyword in the search query. The negative keyword itself must appear within the query) and broad match (negative keyword – will exclude your product from search terms with similar queries to the keyword. This should only be used if you want to eliminate a large number of possible google shopping searches because you sell a very specific product)



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