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5 Tips to Boost Your Adwords Preformance

Online advertising has become a standard tool for marketers. All of these tips are directly related to Google AdWords, they are important if you are thinking of spending money on Google AdWords.

1. Have an Appropriate Budget for Adwords 

The amount of money you are willing to invest in your Adwords is a key factor in your campaign performance and results. Campaigns fewer than 100 dollars are a waste of effort as you will not get enough data to provide actionable analysis on the performance. In reality you should not let campaigns have budget because if you’re making a profit at your current CPC why limit the campaign? Instead you should have a shared budget, where multiple campaigns in your account stick to an overall daily budget for the whole account. 

2. Data Before You Make Changes

It is difficult to optimize low traffic accounts and the focus should be on negative keywords there. However you cannot truly evaluate the performance of a campaign until you have about 1000 click and 30 conversions. In addition if you change your landing page, add 20 new keywords to your campaign, and change your bidding strategy all at the same time, you won’t know which change made a difference. These types of changes should wait till you have a benchmark where you can compare too. While small changes are acceptable pausing keywords and ads with low click-through rates, lowering keyword bids if a campaign and adding new versions of copy if ads are under performing are acceptable make sure they are data driven.

3. Have Different Adverts in Each Ad Group but Not to Many

When you create 2 or 3 similar adverts and one advert gets even a marginally better click through rate then you can improve your results. However if you have 20 different adverts for one campaign it would take a long time before you get enough data to find a true winner. One of the adverts you should always try to include is a call to action. While it may look a little cheesy using “Buy Now!”, “Offer expires December 31st” or “For a short time only” if it improves your click through rate then use it. As click through rate is the most important factor in quality score. An improved quality score can reduce your Adwords cost considerably. 

4. Use Negative Keywords in Adwords

You have to always remember to include negative keyword targeting as it allows you not to waste money on search queries that are not related to what is being advertised. This improves your quality score as your ensuring ads do not show to users who would not find them relevant anyway. This drives better quality traffic leads to your website and increase your click through rate. You may also need to add negative keywords at the ad group level to make sure that the right ads are being shown for the right search terms.

5. Use Geographic Targeting

If you ship physical ship products, you’ll find that separate campaigns for separate regions can work better. E.g. if you offer free shipping, you will probably find that “Free Shipping [State]” works better than just ad text of “Free Shipping”. You can also have bidding strategies based on locations, if you subsidize shipping costs than you should bid higher on potential users from areas near your warehouse as opposed to those who are on the other side of the country.



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