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Improve Google Shopping Ads Performance & Quality Score

With Google shopping now in place the keywords you think are relevant need to be in the titles and descriptions.  The product category, correct unique product identifiers like brand and MPN or GTIN allow Google to map their keyword lists to the products in your feed.

Some tips to optimize your Google shopping feed:

  • Titles should be front-loaded with the keywords as while you have the ability to submit 150 characters, in most cases only 70 or fewer characters will show up. Using simple, product focused keywords will maximize the overall effectiveness of your title.
  • The character limit for descriptions is 5000 however the recommended size of a description is anywhere between 500-1000 characters so make it longer. Like your title this needs to be keyword-rich and product-specific but avoid describing any other variations available in the description as this can often lead to mismatch based on keywords. So if you’re selling a blue shirt do not say it’s also available in red or yellow, as you may show up for someone searching for a red or yellow shirt.
  • Two of the following three attributes are required: GTIN, MPN, and Brand. You need to ensure your submitting accurate values in this section of your data feed. These needs to be the same values a competitor would submits for the very same product this will be to use them to group like products together. There is no benefit in trying to submit unique values and you may actually be losing out on impression and can face disapproval of products that are submitting incorrect information for this attribute.
  • Download the Google Product Taxonomy and make sure that every product has been given the most specific product category available. Google updates the product taxonomy every three months so it’s a good idea to check back periodically and make sure that Google didn’t add a new category that is more specific or a better fit for your products.

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