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Hard Truths About Launching Your eCommerce Store

It’s cheaper, quicker and easier to get into the eCommerce business than ever before but there are several things you should know before launching your own store.  So if your just about ready to launch your online store – you have your products and website ready to go – and want to know what problems you will run into:

1.) You will lose packages in delivery.

New and established online sellers will see packages that do not arrive to customer all the time. You have to be prepared to manage both the cost of lost items and the customer service issue it presents. (if you want to avoid this entirely you could setup a seller central store and have all your products fulfilled by amazon from their warehouses but there is issues going with that path as well).

2.) You will be hit with fraud 

Once you open your eCommerce store, you open up your “digital” doors to all types potential fraudulent activity. The most common type of fraud you will see is charge backs from unauthorized credit card use, damaged and undelivered package claims and customers returning goods in used condition. You also can’t assume that because your company is new or small that no one will try to defraud you. In many cases your an easier target because you have less sophisticated protection.

3.) Your as strong as your weakest link

Running a successful eCommerce store usually involves a team.  The weakest link in your company isn’t necessarily the person who has the least to offer but the person who has a negative attitude. Anyone who brings down the company morale needs their attitude to be adjusted or removed from the position.




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