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Data Quality Drives Performance on Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping has emphasized repeatedly the importance of data quality in Product Listing Ads and they have already begun to enforce data quality more aggressively. On an ongoing basis, it’s important to review with Google’s PLA ads evolving requirements as they push changes to continuing refining the consumer’s experience.

Some tips for improving your google datafeeds quality:

  • Be sure to include the appropriate fields for every SKU in your Google Merchant Center feed. Data quality significantly impacts your marketing effectiveness. Ensuring you have populated simple attributes like brand, title, SKU and taxonomy values for every product in your data feed.
  • Your titles and descriptions provide the keyword or search term within your Google Shopping campaign. Titles and descriptions need to include terms that your consumers will be using to search for your products. Optimized titles and descriptions help drive your overall visibility in Google Shopping.
  • Ensure that correct pricing is submitted to your Merchant Center Feed. If you have modified pricing on your website make sure your feed is resubmitted. Google monitors your website and inconsistencies can lead to account penalties or in some cases account suspension.
  • This is also the same case for in-stock products on your feed have to be able to be purchased on your website. If not this will raise flags and cause a manual review of your account.
  • Update your feed more frequently.When you have constant changes in inventory and pricing you need to ensure that your data feed reflects those changes. These more frequent updates also eliminate you wasting money on ad spend for items you no longer have in-stock.

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