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Advanced Tips for Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping delivers great conversion results and is already a big part of your marketing strategy. Google Shopping is effective and the more you look at your Google Shopping campaign the more value you get for your investment. Here are some advanced tips for optimizing your campaign: Find the sweet spot for a particular product. When you play around with bidding options, you will notice that ... Read More »

Google Shopping High Number of Clicks with Few Conversions, Use Negative Keywords

Google Shopping Campaigns don’t use keywords like your typical search & display ads. They do however have negative keywords which are a great asset for you while trying to increasing the efficiency of your ads. If a product has a high number of clicks but limited conversions, you might find that irrelevant search terms are leading traffic to your site.  Save your campaign ... Read More »

5 Tips to Boost Your Adwords Preformance

Online advertising has become a standard tool for marketers. All of these tips are directly related to Google AdWords, they are important if you are thinking of spending money on Google AdWords. 1. Have an Appropriate Budget for Adwords  The amount of money you are willing to invest in your Adwords is a key factor in your campaign performance and results. Campaigns ... Read More »